Perhaps different from most people, I lived with my grandmother during my university years in Buenos Aires and cherished every minute of it, including spending time in her kitchen.
After 5 years with abuela Stella, I came away with great stories, more self confidence and delicious family recipes. Those flavors, textures and aromas now fill the kitchen at Criollas, which is my way to share this food with New Yorkers and its visitors.

In this city full of diversity and different cultures, Criollas refers to my Spanish culinary roots and the memory of my multi-racial ancestors during a post-colonial era. Today, we can find these flavors in every seasoning and technique we use to make our empanadas.

Opening in the midst of 2020, Criollas started with the idea of sharing the good feeling of homemade comfort food and the hope of bringing people together again. Flaky on the outside and rich in the inside, we bake our authentic Argentinian empanadas daily and use fresh ingredients from local farms. 

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